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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Nutrition?

"We are not what we eat, but what our bodies can do with what we eat". - Andrea Nakayama

Functional nutrition practitioners take the unique approach of digging deep to find the root cause(s) of dysfunction in the body and restore health by altering the terrain in which disfunction thrives. Rather than simply reacting to symptoms of disease, they work to promote healing at a cellular level. Fueling your body with the proper nutrients has a profound effect on the body's ability to heal.  

Can you help me lose weight?

When positive changes are made to one's diet, sleep habits, lifestyle, gut health, inflammation levels and hormones, body composition has a tendency to change. 

My practice is not to restrict you to any specific calorie count or diet type in an effort to lose weight, so I cannot guarantee weight loss. I will, however, teach you how to best support your body and help it operate at an optimal level through healthy lifestyle habits and the food you choose to fuel it with. You body may or may not change size, but you will feel better, have more balanced energy levels, and be confident in making decisions for your health.

Do you provide meal plans?

Not typically.  Rather than simply telling you what to eat each day with a generic meal plan, I want to give you the knowledge to design your meals around things that are good for you AND that you and your family will love!  I will give you meal structures and guidelines and work with you as you learn how to build healthy meals and make the best choices for you.  We are all unique and your food choices should be as well!

That being said, I do sometimes offer meal plans as part of a healing protocol if that is right for your situation.

Do you require nutritional supplements?

I do not require nutritional supplements.  I will always approach dietary and lifestyle changes as a primary course of action. I may, depending on the situation, recommend targeted nutritional supplements that will support your body or your goals.  In some cases, this may get to your desired outcomes more effectively.

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