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Find your path to Thriving

I use a functional medicine approach to find out "What's going on in there?" and create  customized nutrition and lifestyle plans for your unique body.


Who is this for??

Moms who lead a busy life and have put their own health on the backburner for too long

Women who are experiencing hormone related issues after childbirth or through menopause

Women who are looking to thrive beyond 40

Someone who isn't sure how to navigate through a diagnosis they have received

Those who are doing "all the things", but not getting the results they want

Professionals trying to manage a high stress lifestyle while maintaining their health

How does it Work?

20 Min Strategy Session Call

Let's chat about where you are and where you want to be!  Together we will determine if functional nutrition coaching is the next best step for you!

Preliminary Case Review Part 1
- Health History & Timeline Review 

After completing a detailed Intake Form, we will do a deep dive into your personal health history and develop a timeline of your health related events. We will also discuss your current dietary and lifestyle habits. This will give us some clues as to "What's going on in there?"

Preliminary Case Review Part 2
- Nutritional Consulting

During this session, we will design a customized Action Plan that may include dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions that will get you started on making changes to meet your goals! We may also discuss any lab testing that will help us gather additional clues to address your symptoms.

Your Plan

Based on your starting point, individual goals and needs, we will develop a follow up coaching plan. This is typically a series of bi-weekly or monthly sessions to assess our progress, review lab results, recommend adjustments to our action plan, evaluate symptom resolution, provide support and resources and track our results!

Ongoing Support

During your coaching plan, you will have direct "office hour" support via email and messaging. 

After you have completed your coaching plan, Wellness Check-In appointments are available to you as needed to address any new or changing symptoms or diagnoses or just to get back on track.

Tools to help you address even the most challenging health issues

Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle
Personalized Lab
Supplement & Herbal
Online portal for tracking, logging
and support!

Start your journey to health

Book a free Strategy Session Call!

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