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I'm glad you found your way here!

Everyone should have access to resources that will allow them to confidently take control of their own health.  My goal on this page and through my one on one consulting sessions is to provide you with those resources.

I truly believe that there is a GAP in our current healthcare model and there are so many people who fall into it every day.  Physicians are absolutely necessary for diagnosing disease and treating acute conditions. But, they are challenged with maintaining the skill set and time for addressing the root causes of a patients problem (thanks to continuously evolving scientific research and insurance companies). Or, more importantly, educating patients on preventing the problem from occurring in the first place. That's where Functional Nutrition Counseling comes in!

Join me in changing the way we view our role in our personal health.

Founder Bio
Michelle Stevenson, FNLP

Hi!  I'm Michelle, founder of Well by Design, a Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner, women's health advocate and "Mommy" to two lively boys.

From an early age I have had a fascination with all of the non-conventional options out there for creating and maintaining wellness and for self healing. 

As a teen I learned first hand the healing power of acupuncture for my migraines and I was also gifted my first Chinese Medicine Book (more like a textbook!) which I read cover to cover more than once.


Into adulthood, I began to pay close attention to how different foods and meal timing made my body feel.  I continued learning and experimenting with acupuncture, herbs, yoga, meditation, whole foods, intermittent fasting and more.


At 31, after years of struggling with "unexplained infertility" and miscarriages, I became pregnant with my oldest son.  Suddenly, I had someone else to keep alive and thriving and my personal interest in health and wellness became more of a life mission.  I spent countless hours (and still do!) educating myself on all things health related and applied them to my families everyday life and habits. I reveled in how with the right tools, I could efficiently manage a fever without Tylenol, a cough without cough medicine and an earache with a simple chiropractic adjustment. How I could prevent my sons post nasal drip by avoiding dairy, prevent massive tantrums by avoiding artificial dyes and limit belly aches by limiting gluten.  My children love to eat real whole foods (some days I swear they eat their weight in fruit!) and understand the value in "eating the rainbow" every day.  

Having spend my entire career managing and growing companies, and eventually doing it while being a Mom too, I have experienced my fair share of the fast paced, high stress lifestyle, burning the candle at both ends, late nights to meet deadlines, sacrificing sleep to soothe a baby, forgetting meals more often than not, grabbing the quickest snack (which was usually a child's leftovers), not having time to even think about working out, not making time for self care. Adrenal stress is a real thing. Hormones way out of whack (hello "unexplained fertility") is far too common. I've been there, and on occasion I still find myself going down that road and need a reset.  

Over the last few years, I have worked towards expanding my knowledge to become a resource for women who want to thrive while navigating life. Through things like work stress, fertility, motherhood, raising healthy children, aging, tuning in to their changing bodies, health concerns and planning their path to longevity.  If any of those things apply in your life, I am here for you.  

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